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  • I think the Whitehouse realizes Plamegate is about to come crashing down on turdblossom.

    Think Progress » Karl Rove

  • Once again, Plamegate is an issue that Bush could have taken care of two years ago.

    Think Progress » Official A

  • Brooks willfully ignores that even if Plamegate is no Iran-contra, Bush is beset with a far worse scandal than anything Reagan faced: misleading his country into war, a war that is still going on, with no end in sight and American boys coming home in body bags almost every day.


  • Fitz leaks his pecking order of 19 indictments in Plamegate starting with DUHbya.

    Think Progress » In his eighth trip

  • He is a public figure who is accountable to the citizens yet he fails to face the press and answer questions about his role in Plamegate, pre-war intelligence or anything else.

    Think Progress » Report: Cheney to Meet With Ahmed Chalabi

  • If it’s indeed true that W himself is involved in Plamegate, I can believe the other rumor that he is, once again, nipping at the Jack Daniels.

    Think Progress » Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

  • Last week, the talking heads were pushing the idea the Plamegate was the "just" the criminalization of politics.


  • Rove may have violated the federal false statements statute if he lied to Bush about his role in Plamegate.


  • Echidne writes about the man who got away. firedoglake continues the pursuit of the evil-doers in Plamegate.

    December 2005

  • Events out of Washington have dropped a wondrous scandal in her lap -- the Judith Miller "Plamegate" saga -- and she is riding this gift horse to cloud-trailing glory.

    Did Brenda Starr Go Too Far?: James Wolcott


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