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  • n. Plural form of Plutonian.


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  • It was Charlie who first found Plutoil gushing on the frozen plateaus of Pluto and made that famous deal whereby Earth got all the wells in return for the coal mines of Pennsylvania, which had long been in disuse -- The Plutonians used the coal for necklaces to decorate their frigid beauties -- and as long as they had no need for the oil -- it was a fair enough bargain.

    Super Salesman of Space

  • The story was inter-planetary that he could sell cooling systems to the Plutonians and heating units to the Mercurians and it wasn't so far-fetched at that, for right now he was spinning on his way through the space lanes to get rid of a ship-load of uranium to a Saturnian satellite named Boolo, whose only export was rich uranium ore.

    Super Salesman of Space

  • I want ultraviolet, infrared and maybe some Xray colours out of the electromagnetic spectrum only bees and Plutonians can see.

    Another nuisance suit

  • I love the name "Tombaugh Objects" but "Plutonians" has a neater ring to it.

    Planet Clyde

  • On behalf of the League of Loyal Plutonians, I object! Top headlines

  • Plutonians tend to feel themselves repulsive at least part of the time so you can see how this can manifest in this way.

  • The Plutonian’s relationship with Bette, what happened to Modeus, the true origin of Plutonians powers, and so on.

    Review: Irredeemable #7 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • I hope the Plutonians’ dreaded Bowel-Void Rays hit *you* first!

    A Special Message for Scott “Pluto Hayta” Westerfeld « Whatever


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