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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Accipitridae.


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  • Guinea-fowl (Numididae), bustards (Otididae), hornbills (Bucerotidae) and francolins Francolinus sp. are found throughout the park, and raptors such as vultures (Accipitridae), fish eagle Haliaeetus vocifer, martial eagle Polemaetus bellicosus, and Gobar goshawk Melieraz gabar are also common.

    'W' National Park, Niger

  • The region is an Endemic Bird Area with, on the coast, jackass penguin Spheniscus demersens, blue crane Anthropoides paradiseus, Cape vulture Gyps coprotheres, black eagle Aquila verreauxii, martial eagle Polemaetus bellicosus, fish eagle Haliaeetus vocifer, black harrier Circus maurus, lanner falcon Falco biarmicus and lesser kestrel Falco naumanni.

    Cape Floral Protected Areas, South Africa

  • Raptors include the secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius), a number of eagles including the martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus), a variety of owls, including the giant eagle owl (Bubo lacteus) and a collection of falcons, goshawks, kestrels, and kites.

    Kalahari xeric savanna

  • Birds include Denham's bustard Neotis cafra denhami, ground hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus, violet turaco Musophaga violacea, spur-winged goose Plectropterus gambensis, white-faced tree duck Dendrocygna viduata, martial eagle Polemaetus bellicosus and bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus.

    Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal


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