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  • A division of Oceania including scattered islands of the central and southern Pacific Ocean roughly between New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island. The larger islands are volcanic, the smaller ones generally coral formations.

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  • proper n. Part of Oceania including Easter Island, Hawaii, New Zealand, and most of the islands between them.

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  • n. the islands in the eastern part of Oceania


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From Ancient Greek πολύς (polus, "many") + νῆσος (nēsos, "island"); according to Moon Handbooks Tahiti, "the term Polynesia was coined by Charles de Brosses in 1756 and applied to all the Pacific islands. The present restricted use was proposed by Dumont d'Urville during a famous lecture at the Geographical Society in Paris in 1831."


  • If you're on Twitter you can follow the Polynesia Cultural Center @Polynesia

    808Talk Hawaii ハワイブログ

  • Sorry Janey, the capital of Polynesia is still Auckland.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » A Sweet Jane alt-hist challenge!

  • Polynesia is the source of body ornimantation/tatooes as well.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Diamond studies four ancient societies across space and time: Easter Island in Polynesia, the native American Anasazi tribe in what is now the southwestern United States, the Maya civilization in Central America, and the isolated Viking settlement on the coast of Greenland.

    Archive 2004-12-26

  • (Easter Island, in Polynesia, was then supporting a population of at least 7,000 with roughly the same land mass and a less hospitable climate.)

    New World Syndrome

  • Polynesia gave the short word of command; and like one bird those millions of parrots opened their red beaks and let out once more their terrifying battle-scream.

    The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle

  • Notwithstanding the historical truths, that although the gospel has been preached in Polynesia for a century or more, and that there is no other nation which has made such rapid progress in civilization and Christianity, yet Mr. Foster had the assurance to stand up in Washington, and revile all the native Hawaiian sovereigns.

    Hawaii's Story, by Hawaii's Queen

  • Gemological Institute of America Salvador Assael Although he dealt in all sorts of luxury jewelry, Mr. Assael was sometimes called "The Pearl King" for his near-monopoly on gumball-size black pearls he cultured on a private atoll on the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

    Cultured by Luxury Jeweler, Black Pearls Became Chic

  • The hotel, expected to open in 2013, is being developed by Richard Bailey, who has resorts in French Polynesia.

    Marlon Brando's Tahitian idyll to become luxury eco-resort

  • Among them was a saintly looking man who had spent nearly forty years in Polynesia.

    Lambeth and Church Unity


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