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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Thraupidae.


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  • Birds include the copetona or martineta común (Eudromia elegans), monterita canela (Poospiza ornata), inambú pálido or petiso (Nothrura darwinii), loro barranquero (Cyanoliseus patagonus), and others.

    Argentine Monte

  • A variety of endemic birds are present in this region, including Bolivian Recurvebill (Simoxenops striatus), Bolivian Blackbird (Oreopsar bolivianus), and a number of finches including Citron-headed Yellow Finch (Sicalis luteocephala) and Warbling Finches (Poospiza garleppi and P. boliviana).

    Bolivian montane dry forests

  • The Andean tinamou (Nothoprocta pentlandii), Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), olive-crowned crescentchest (Melanopareia maximiliani), cliff flycatcher (Hirundinea ferruginea), stripe-capped sparrow (Aimophila strigiceps) and black and rufous warbling finch (Poospiza nigrorufa) are just a few of the many bird species found in this ecoregion.

    Córdoba montane savanna

  • Threatened species include lesser nothura Nothura minor (VU), dwarf tinamou Taoniscus nanus (VU), Brazilian merganser Mergus octosetacues (CR), yellow-faced amazon Amazona zanthops (VU), white-winged nightjar Caprimulgus candicans (EN), rufous-sided pygmy-tyrant Euscarthmus rufomarginatus (VU), cineous warbling finch Poospiza cinerea (VU), marsh seedeater Sporophila palustris (EN), and black-masked finch Coryphaspiza melanotis (VU).

    Cerrado Protected Areas, Brazil

  • Endemic birds found in this ecoregion include the endangered Cochabamba mountain-finch (Poospiza garleppi); the maquis canastero (Asthenes heterura), rufous-bellied saltator (Saltator rufiventris), and chesnut canastero (Asthenes steinbachi) classified as vulnerable; the wedge-tailed hillstar (Oreotrochilus adela) and Tucuman mountain-finch (Poospiza baeri), classified as near threatened; and the citron-headed yellow-finch (Sicalis luteocephala) and bare-eyed ground-dove (Metriopelia morenoi), classified as a species of least concern.

    Central Andean dry puna


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