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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Posidoniaceae — the seagrasses.


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  • High-income ship owners, who flaunted their wealth at their champagne-sodden semi-annual "Posidonia" bash, are prepared to suffer exile in the south of France if the government tries to force them to pay taxes bills.

    Everything's Fine With Greece, Just Ignore Some Facts

  • Photo 1: Posidonia oceanica meadow in the NW Mediterranean.

    Seagrass meadows

  • One hectare of oceanic Posidonia produces 21 tons/year of biomass, similar to the productivity of a tropical forest (22 tons/year/ha).

    Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera Nature Reserve, Spain

  • The nominated World Heritage Site is characterized by dense and very well preserved oceanic Posidonia sea-grasses and coral reefs.

    Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera Nature Reserve, Spain

  • Consequently, oceanic Posidonia communities are included as a priority ecosystem for protection under the Habitat 2000 Directive (92/43/ECC) and under Annex IV of the Berne Convention.

    Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera Nature Reserve, Spain

  • The Posidonia sea-grasses also have high importance as a hatchery for a variety of marine fish.

    Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera Nature Reserve, Spain

  • The quality of the salt produced in the saltworks of Ibiza and Formentera (Las Salinas) depends on the quality of the coastal waters which, in turn, depends to a great extent on the ecological functions of the Posidonia prairies.

    Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera Nature Reserve, Spain

  • The latter two may also be Pythagoreans, since a Leon is listed under Metapontum and a Bathylaus (sic) under Posidonia, in Iamblichus 'catalogue.


  • This dream was hard to interpret, yet Astyphilus of Posidonia, a man skilled in divinations, and intimate with Cimon, told him that his death was presaged by this vision, which he thus explained.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Trees and tall shrubs hang over the edges of the abrupt banks, which enclose the tiny creeks and bays bordered with diminutive sandy beaches, or with long ledges of marble rocks, dipping gradually down into the deep-blue water, carpeted in some places with the thin flat siliceous leaves of the Posidonia

    The South of France—East Half


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