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  • A river rising in southeast Minnesota and flowing about 531 km (330 mi) southeastward to the Iowa River in southeast Iowa.


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  • Why not just simplify the function to this? void CALLBACK WinEventProc( HWINEVENTHOOK hWinEventHook, DWORD event, HWND hwnd, LONG idObject, LONG idChild, DWORD idEventThread, DWORD dwmsEventTime) PostMessage(g_hwnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0);

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  • PostMessage can take one more argument (optional functional argument), and the respective C# delegate can be easily modified to take two (or more) arguments.

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  • Notify the main thread directly of newly read line, using PostMessage API or BeginInvoke method.

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  • RT would finally send an indication that file read is complete - it could be zero-lines in string-list (the container), or some extra message in PostMessage or the C# delegate.

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  • Sending is done via PostMessage or BeginInvoke. gets the posted message, translates into string-list type and adds all lines into control (textbox).

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  • PostMessage or BeginInvoke, with our custom message to let the GUI-thread know about spelling errors.

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  • This is a highly practical, three-day class about HTML5 Communication for Real-time Web applications, using Web Sockets, Server-Sent Events (SSE), PostMessage, Cross-Document Messaging, and more.

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  • Getting Name property by reading MSAA's Name property first, calling GetWindowLong and GetWindowText API the second and trying PostMessage for last.

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  • ControlSend is working, my player is sitting, but PostMessage is not working.

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  • I send a PostMessage, 0x201 (left mouse button down) followed by PostMessage, 0x202 (left mouse button up) to a location in an IE browser.

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