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Progressive Conservative Party


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  • proper n. a political party in Canada with a right of centre ideology, which succeed the old Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal-Conservative Party of Canada, Blue Party and absorbed the Progressive Party of Canada. It was itself succeeded by the new Conservative Party of Canada.


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  • Remember when the Reform Party changed its name to CCRAP and Canadians were like "haha!" and then it swallowed the Progressive Conservative Party whole and Canadians were like, "hey look, a NEW Conservative Party!" and voted for it?

    Yeah, who could have seen THAT coming?

  • Once leader of the Alliance party, he devoted all his energy to co-opting and absorbing the Progressive Conservative Party to try to present a united right wing front.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The Harperites would love to ditch the irritating centrist remnants of the Progressive Conservative Party and get on with being intolerant right-wing maniacs.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • In 2003, the party was born of a union by the Canadian Alliance Party formerly REFORM Party and the Progressive Conservative Party.

    Peter MacKay Symbolizes The Dilemma For Canada's Conservative Party

  • The folks who hang out at the Western Standard's Shotgun Blog are encouraging Nova Scotia Conservatives to avoid the Progressive Conservative Party and to vote for the REAL Right Wing party in that provinces's election .... the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia!

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • The truth is that Harper and his gang of Alliance/Reform American styled right-wing ideologists hijacked the Progressive Conservative Party when it was at its weakest.

    Just another step towards a Republican style conservative party in Canada

  • This week her ruling Progressive Conservative Party holds a convention to choose a successor to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who leaves office after nearly nine years with the lowest ratings in the history of Canadian polling.

    Canada's Mrs. Thatcher?

  • Monaghan a former law partner to both Finance Minister Tom Marshall and to Clyde Wells, the former premier and current chief justice of Newfoundland Supreme Court had worked for many years with the Progressive Conservative Party, and offered himself for election twice.

    Daimnation!: Mike Monaghan, R.I.P.

  • Canadians also made it clear by their votes that they desired ______ Members of Parliament from the Canadian Alliance, The Bloc Quebecois and the Progressive Conservative Party TO GOVERN.

    Fucking separatists.

  • We used to have real Tories in Canada, and for most of the last century they were called the Progressive Conservative Party.

    london ontario greets stephen harper


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