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  • At the time when Martin Luther was instrumental in starting what became known as the Protestant Reformation (1500's), two significant things occurred.


  • For example, it may be true that the Protestant Reformation is a partial cause of World War II, in virtue of some causal chain leading from the former to the latter.

    Creation and Conservation

  • The theological arguments are generally ex post facto, and the Protestant Reformation is the paradigm case.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • The theological arguments are generally ex post facto, and the Protestant Reformation is the paradigm case.

    The most effective argument against Catholicism

  • The Protestant Reformation is the great dividing line in the history of England, as of Europe generally.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy

  • I went on to explain that at the heart of the Protestant Reformation was the question, "Who are the true catholics?"

    Latest Articles

  • Mr. Gregory describes six ways in which the West has lost its moral and intellectual bearings, and in each case he traces the loss to the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther, John Calvin and others led a rebellion against what they perceived to be the Roman Catholic Church's corruption and theological error.

    Blame It on Calvin & Luther

  • When Descartes, Spinoza, Hume, Nietzsche and, more recently, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris formulated their skeptical views of religion, Mr. Gregory says, they thought of God in reductive, univocal terms, and this was somehow a long-term consequence of the Protestant Reformation.

    Blame It on Calvin & Luther

  • Kenneth Lillard, author of "Social Media and Ministry: Sharing the Gospel in the Digital Age," was also quoted in the NY Times article, and he concurs that social media tools like YouTube, Twitter and Google+, in addition to Facebook, represent "the best chance for religious leaders to expand their congregations since the printing press helped Martin Luther usher in the Protestant Reformation."

    Rabbi Jason Miller: Social Media And Religion

  • The murkiness of Mr. Gregory's intentions, coupled with his almost comically negative view of the entire Protestant Reformation, leads one to suspect that the book isn't so much a work of careful historical analysis as a kind of parochial score-settling.

    Blame It on Calvin & Luther


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