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  • n. Mythology The Egyptian creator god and patron deity of artisans.

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  • proper n. Ancient Egyptian god of death and the rebirth of the soul.

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  • n. An Egyptian divinity of high rank, worshiped especially at Memphis, and reverenced as the creative force.

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  • n. a major Egyptian god; shaper of the world; father of gods and men; worshipped especially at Memphis


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From Egyptian ptḥ.


  • There's one peeking over my shoulder called Ptah and that's an exact replica that came out of King Tut's tomb.

    The Charleston Gazette -

  • You can hear his godly name Ptah at the end of Egypt.

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  • a little house near to the enclosure of the temple of Ptah, which is vaster and more splendid than all those of Thebes or Tanis.

    Moon of Israel

  • The great cosmic gods, such as Ptah and Khnemu, of whom mention will be made later, are the offspring of another set of religious views, and the cosmogony in which these play the leading parts is entirely different.

    Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life

  • There are a few deities, such as Ptah, Osiris, and Amen, to whom the Egyptians gave a human form in its simple entirety; but even in such cases it was not reproduced in its native elegance and nobility.

    A History of Art in Chaldæa & Assyria, v. 1

  • The priests of the city of Memphis claimed that their supreme god, Ptah, was the father of Atum, and so existed before Atum!

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • The city proper was also a commercial center well known to the Greek world, but it was most famous for its temple of the creator god Ptah.

    Alexander the Great

  • It was therefore with great reverence that Alexander approached the temple of Ptah and offered copious sacrifices to the god, in deliberate contrast with the Persian ruler.

    Alexander the Great

  • Look at the presentation you did to the Royal Society on the Temple of Ptah, and why it had to be located in Memphis and not in Tigris, as many had suggested.

    One Night in Scotland

  • The Egyptian religion lasted over 3000 years ... so why do you consider your mythical trinity deity more valid than Ra, Isis, Osiris and Ptah?

    Texas Faith will return on July 14 | RELIGION Blog |


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