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  • proper n. A mapping from Unicode to the simpler ASCII character set, intended for the representation of international domain names where Unicode is not available.


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Blend of puny and Unicode


  • SYNOPSIS use Encode:: Punycode; use Encode; $utf8 = decode ( 'Punycode',

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  • This is an Encode plugin written in Perl, which allows to encode Unicode strings into Punycode

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  • Punycode is an efficient encoding (ACE) of Unicode for use with IDNA.

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  • This announcement is specifically about IDN * TLDs*, not about Punycode-encoded domain name labels at lower levels, so it’s not about domain names like “中国. com” (which already exist) but “ç” µå­å•†åŠ¡. 中国” which definitely don’t.

    ICANN Moves Ahead With Non-Latin Web Addresses (Video)

  • 2004 - Punycode adopted by the national registrars of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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