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  • n. Variant of Pashto.

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  • proper n. Alternative spelling of Pashto.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The language of the Afghans: it belongs to the Iranian group of the Indo-European languages.


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  • This will keep the country, especially Pushtu areas, unstable and open to the Taliban.

    When Forever Comes Crashing | ATTACKERMAN

  • Karzai reportedly said, “I swear that I am going to join the Taliban.” well considering that he is a Pushtu and from Kandahar he probable has been a Taliban.

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: April 5, 2010

  • While I'd been by myself, as I say, I'd even been thinking in Pushtu, but here I had to hold on tight and remember what I was meant to be - for one thing, I wasn't used to being addressed in familiar terms by native soldiers, much less ordered about by an officious naik* (* Corporal.) who'd normally have leaped to attention if I'd so much as looked in his direction.


  • Dammit, I speak Pushtu as well as you do, and Urdu even better - wasn't I an agent with Sekundar Sahib?


  • But for the credit of the Sirkar, and my own face in front of the women, I had to do something, so I looked the Pathan up and down, glanced away, and said quietly in Pushtu:


  • But I knew this trick that they have of reviling those they respect most, in banter, of their love of irony and formal imagery, which is strong in Pushtu and even stronger in Persian, the loveliest of all languages.

    The Sky Writer

  • We jail-birds stick together, and he was obviously a man of power and influence - why, he was probably on dining-out terms with half the badmashes* (* Ruffians.) and cattle-thieves between here and Jallalabad, and if necessary he'd give me an escort; we could travel as horse-copers, or something, for with my Persian and Pushtu I'd have no difficulty passing as an Afghan.

    The Sky Writer

  • Pushtu movie industry, on the other hand, was going strong.

    Saad Khan: Peshawar: The City That Was

  • Interestingly, Pushtu films were almost always based on making heroes out of villains and quite gory in their outlook -- with a liberal dose of skin show.

    Saad Khan: Peshawar: The City That Was

  • Pashto Pashto also known as Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto‎, Pashtoe, Pashtu, Pushtu or Pushtoo is a language spoken by Pashtuns living in Afghanistan and western Pakistan. » Afghan


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