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  • The novel "Lookout Cartridge" 1974, often cited as Mr. McElroy's finest achievement, is full of late 1960s radical lore and Pynchonian paranoia.

    A Guidebook Through An Impossible Oeuvre

  • -- Pynchon also manages to produce a novel that is recognizably Pynchonian.

    What's Going On?

  • James Wood is perfectly entitled to elevate Naipaulian realism and denigrate Pynchonian anti-realism (if that's what he wants to call them -- I don't think either term does either writer much justice).

    Realism in Fiction

  • "Ghastly prose, flat cardboard-cut-out characters and would-be Pynchonian paranoid theories of history that go exactly nowhere," one reader wrote.

    In Need of Some Amazon Group Therapy

  • It seems pretty clear that he was mashing together two foreign policy extremes, and the invocation of Wilson was rhetorical, to avoid using the term "realistic idealism," which is almost as hilariously Pynchonian as Catatonic Expressionism.


  • Sadly, they didn't, but he got The Crying of Lot 49 so the day wasn't wasted, and in an access of Pynchonian madness no doubt, Andy offered to buy me a book.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • Kipen, a master of all things Pynchonian, opts for the former; his guest made a case for the latter.

    The Elegant Variation:

  • But Wallace didn't have the grand Pynchonian playfulness he would have needed to pull off this kind of bet-hedging performance, and the narrative of Top Stories

  • The prosing conspiracy, in Baker's telling, is Pynchonian in its sweep.

    Reason Magazine

  • He went on: "I think there are a lot of these people of the post-Pynchonian generation who have such incredibly narrow views of what literature is and what it can do and who reads it and so on and so forth, that what they do just gets smaller and smaller, quirkier and quirkier, but not in an interesting way - in an almost deliberately banal sort of way."

    All Stories | The New York Observer


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