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  • adj. achieved at excessive cost


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From Pyrrhus (318-272 BC), a king of Epirus whose forces sustained heavy losses in defeating the Romans


  • The term Pyrrhic victory, meaning a triumph more costly than a loss, was made for just such moments.

    Tom Engelhardt: Whistling Past the Afghan Graveyard

  • The students of the Palmetto State will learn the meaning of the phrase Pyrrhic victory in the next few days.

  • SeattlePepe: Wow, as the details are coming out, between cuts and The definition of Pyrrhic, Pepe.

    The Full Feed from

  • RedWhiteandBlueState: The definition of Pyrrhic, Pepe.

    The Full Feed from

  • A long term Pyrrhic victory for the Dems, that serves as the perfect rallying banner in which to energize the conservative base of the GOP for the next election cycle. (aka the Income Tax Protest).

    Truman's Take

  • I think it's technically called a Pyrrhic victory.

    Plouffe Rules Out Use Of Whitewater Or Cattle Futures Against Hillary

  • What the eight victories that she got are called Pyrrhic victories, OK?

    CNN Transcript Oct 10, 2008

  • The warrior dance is different from the peaceful one, and may be rightly termed Pyrrhic; this imitates the modes of avoiding blows and missiles by dropping or giving way, or springing aside, or rising up or falling down; also the opposite postures which are those of action, as, for example, the imitation of archery and the hurling of javelins, and of all sorts of blows.


  • The cattle are particularly large, and likewise the sheep of the so-called Pyrrhic breed, the name being given in honour of King Pyrrhus.

    The History of Animals

  • Cattle grow all the more in size when they are kept from sexual commerce over a number of years; and it is with a view to growth in size that in Epirus the so-called Pyrrhic kine are not allowed intercourse with the bull until they are nine years old; from which circumstance they are nicknamed the

    The History of Animals


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