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  • proper n. A fox hunt (established 1696) in Leicestershire; the Quorn hunt is one of the world's oldest fox-hunting packs, and claims to be the United Kingdom's most famous hunt.
  • proper n. A village (formerly Quorndon) in Leicestershire, England, UK.
  • proper n. A town in South Australia.
  • proper n. A mycoprotein-based food product used as a substitute for meat.


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After the name of the village in Leicestershire.


  • But the group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, also is persisting in a food-safety campaign to warn consumers about what it says are rare but potentially violent food reactions from a popular meat substitute called Quorn.

    Food Activist Fired Up Over 'Quorn'

  • Dad worked on the railway line from Alice Springs to Port Augusta and we settled in a little place called Quorn in the Flinders Ranges, near Port Augusta.


  • Dinner is usually on the early side and consisting of a meat subsitute like "Quorn" or seitan plus vegetables and a sauce.

    Lauren Cahn: "Eating Clean": the Latest Evil Diet Craze

  • You’d never guess some products, such as Quorn, contained eggs in the first place.

    E is for Eggs

  • But things get a little murkier, it seems, when meat substitutes such as Quorn (a factory-produced fungus known as

    Blogposts |

  • Vegan blogger QuarryGirl calls the market a "vegan-friendly oasis" because of beloved products like Blissed Out Chocolate and brands Gardein, Quorn, and Fry's in stock.

    Figueroa Produce Market: Organic Food--Not Just For The Wealthy

  • After working on farms and sheep stations, Uncle Jim Richman (above) took up land near Mount Brown some miles south of Quorn in the Flinders Ranges, a venture presumably subsidized by his parents.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • This may sound far-fetched, but you only have to visit your nearest supermarket to find "engineered" products in the form of soya meat options and Quorn.

    Could lab-grown meat soon be the solution to the world's food crisis? | Hannah Tuomisto

  • Many Quorn consumers buy it because they want to lose weight, because it's convenient, or because they think it is healthier than meat, according to its manufacturers.

    Is it time we all gave up meat?

  • Meat substitutes, such as the fungus-derived protein Quorn, appear to be flourishing too, with sales up 9% in the last three months.

    Is it time we all gave up meat?


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