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  • abbr. relative humidity
  • abbr. right-hand

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  • Review Hearing
  • prefix code for reconnaissance helicopter designations
  • relative humidity
  • right hand


Sorry, no etymologies found.


  • In like manner the formulas RH, RH_ {2}, etc., show the composition of the compounds formed with hydrogen or chlorine.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • Frequencies steadily decline toward the Balkans, as if Europe was once entirely RH - (or at least predominantly so) before a group of RH+ people entered via the Balkans and diffused to the west and north, mixing with indigenous Europeans.


  • This suggests that the RH - form arose by mutation from the RH+ allele in western Europe and then spread, for unspecified reasons, toward Asia and Africa, never greatly diminishing the frequency of the RH+ gene.


  • Lynn Paltrow has a thought-provoking essay in RH Reality Check about the radical agenda behind Amendment 62, a Colorado ballot initiative that would declare a fertilized egg to be full-fledged human being.

    The Media Consortium: Weekly Pulse: Fear-mongering and Fetal Separatism in Today's Anti-Choice Movement

  • But Hargrove also has a band he calls the RH Factor.

    Best of Both Worlds from Roy Hargrove

  • The therapy with agonists of LH-RH is presently the preferred method of treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer and in about 70% of cases, LH-RH agonists are selected for primary treatment.

    Andrew V. Schally - Autobiography

  • We have here a short term RH&S pattern per the definition provided earlier.


  • When he appears in court on April 30, Nevins faces up to four years in prison for tagging extensive areas of the City with both his personal insignia - "RH" - and broader chromatic messages such as "Have the Courage," "Shine: Follow Your Dreams," and his notorious trademark


  • But, CHS aka RH has been very grateful for extra articles to post at FDL.

    Firedoglake » FDL Late Nite: Bring on the Culture “War”

  • Yours on the language, and more generally to all of the great comments and articles by JH, CHS aka RH, Pach, Matt O., etc. etc.

    Firedoglake » Lamont Rocks Steady, Lieberman Runs Scared


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