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  • n. Currency symbol for the renminbi.
  • Roadside mailbox; a post box system used in rural areas where several houses collect their mail from a cluster of mailboxes at the roadside.
  • Royal Marine Base.
  • Right Mouse Button.
  • Renminbi, yuan.


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  • The interview I read posited that the RMB is actually like a commodity, which I took to mean that affluent Chinese basically think about their net worth in dollars.

    Matthew Yglesias » US vs Zimbabwe

  • Some of the 4 trillion RMB is supposed to come not from the central government but from local and provincial authorities, who have no obvious way to raise it during a recession.

    China's Way Forward

  • Again, like all currency, the value of the RMB is based on money supply and demand for it.

    Matthew Yglesias » Dollar Dollar Bill

  • Yes, the RMB is now undervalued against the dollar.

    China Makes, The World Takes

  • You can cry that the RMB is undervalued all you want, but truth is, if the RMB was actually convertible, it’s value would FALL, not RISE.

    Matthew Yglesias » Dollar Dollar Bill

  • To be clear: The RMB is now undervalued, and the Chinese government is artificially slowing the currency’s inevitable rise.

    Letters to the Editor

  • Chinese iTunes-style p2p p2p news/p2pnet: "So while Baidu’s getting sued over its music downloads, the Chinese MP3 maker Aigo has launched a pay download site inspired by iTunes, but at 1/8th the price since it is denominated in RMB," posts Joel Martinsen on Danwei.

    Chinese iTunes-style p2p

  • I should mention that I am one of the lucky volunteers to be in a city that actually has several Starbucks I could go to, but it would involve a 30 – 45 minute bus ride in the chaos known as Chongqing traffic, not to mention a latte costs around 30 RMB, which is essentially my living allowance per day.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Q Did you foresee some potential possibilities for working cooperation with China in terms of dealing with the current financial crisis, and do you care to comment about the Chinese -- are not evaluating the RMB, which is the Chinese currency?

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • What's more, FDIC insurance doesn't protect you against the possibility that your investment in RMB, which is essentially what you are doing, will lose money. Top Stories


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