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  • Read the fucking manual


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  • You're familiar with the acronym RTFM read the f — manual?

    Cultural Resolutions

  • I think that is more value than huge manuals - people who use the expression RTFM have probably never had to cope with a mountain of information presented to them as "ALL new".


  • During the Usenet era, questions on how to do something or solve certain problems were often answers with "RTFM" -- read the friendly manual.

    LXer Linux News

  • The billionaire has a chuckle about the notion of RTFM--a colloquial abbreviation for Read The, um, "Friendly" Manual--taking on "a whole new meaning these days," in light of the Web's complexity.

    Mark Cuban Advises Parents Re Searching MySpace

  • As Scott politely noted in email, you can avoid the problem I noted above by means of a clever procedure known as RTFM:

    Latest Microsoft Blogs

  • The so-called RTFM chip, the email went on to say, had been monitoring the behavior of users for "some time."

    The Register

  • I spent far too much time on the various message boards and tech lists of the early '90's watching newbies including me getting hit with "RTFM".

    Do Your Research Before Asking For Help | Lifehacker Australia

  • Small sample size, I know, but it does make me think things are changing, away from this "RTFM" style.

    rant about rant

  • Finally, there's the libertarian line of thought, which I think of as the old computer helpdesk term "RTFM" (for "Read the F-ing Manual").

    Inside Higher Ed

  • 'RTFM' [Read The Fine Manual] but the truth of the matter is, you won't know until you ask.

    Planet Malaysia


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