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  • He has been replaced by a homicidal rabbit, whose name is not Rabbit, as that is a nickname given to “a bad person and a coward” just goes to show how little they know but Assud, which means lion.

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  • Both Rabbit Redux and Rabbit is Rich seem clearly enough designed to transform the approach taken in Rabbit, Run into a strategy by which the story of Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom becomes not just the story of an isolated American trying to figure out what he wants but a story about the social development of America in the second half of the twentieth century.

    Rabbit's Run

  • I think that this strategy in Rabbit is Rich mostly works -- it's still a pretty good book that manages to make Harry Angstrom a more sympathetic figure than he is in either Rabbit, Run or Rabbit Redux but doesn't sentimentalize him in the process.

    Rabbit's Run

  • Keeping my eye on the Rabbit is a metaphor to continue investigating.

    Another Version of CSI

  • Tom Waits recorded his new album Bad As Me, his first collection of all-new studio recordings in eight years, in his studio, which he calls "Rabbit Foot" for good luck.


  • The only human being who even momentarily holds your attention, Cliff Curtis '"Rabbit," is only notable because he's so monumentally annoying.

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  • By blowing the shoulder out basically speaking takes out there front leg drive like the Jack Rabbit is what you want for Big Game to anchor them on the spot.

    The "Infallible" Shoulder Shot

  • Rabbit is Rich shared these characteristics as well, although in this book Updike was able to mirror Rabbit's own predicament in Rabbit, Run in the situation in which Rabbit's son, Nelson, finds himself, which gives it a structural and thematic association with the first novel that allows it to be a plausible continuation of that novel rather than just another installment in a loosely-jointed chronicle of the life of a guy in Pennsylvania.

    February 2010

  • And while very little reference is made to current events or objects of popular culture in Rabbit, Run, Rabbit is Rich is saturated with such references, the chronicle of a few months in the life of the Angstrom family unfolding within the cultural currents of such developments as the ongoing energy crisis and the taking of the hostages in Iran.

    February 2010

  • I recently re-read both Rabbit, Run and Rabbit is Rich, and my perception that Rabbit, Run is a qualitatively different kind of novel was only reinforced.

    February 2010


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