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  • proper n. A series of future events culminating in a battle, fought between the Æsir and einherjar on one side and the forces of Surt, Loki, and Loki's children on the other, in which all of creation is burned down and almost all life is extinguished.


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From Old Norse ragnarǫk (modern Icelandic ragnarök), from regin ("gods") + rǫk ("fate, judgment").


  • States (although as I finished the book several fringe archaeological discoveries gave me ways I could have done it); and that the Norse myths are so bleak, and always end in Ragnarok ...

    'Where do you get your Ideas?' An Essay by Neil Gaiman

  • This particular flavour of Ragnarok is only survived by Muire, one of the Valkryie analogues, the Serpent, the Wolf, and one of the outre steeds that the Valkyries/angels ride.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: All the Windwracked Stars - Elizabeth Bear

  • When the author announced a return to mu-space and the Pilots' universe with a new series called Ragnarok of which Absorption was to be the first installment, I had the highest expectations marking this novel as a possible top sf of 2010 and I pre-ordered it a month before publication, though some early reviews had already put a question mark in my mind.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • GVE:What Norse mythology has going for it is Ragnarok, and I love the idea of Ragnarok because I grew up in Los Angeles, which is sort of a natural disaster in progress.

    SBBT Stop: Greg van Eekhout

  • The second passage gives an account of the universal dissolution -- called Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods.

    Song and Legend from the Middle Ages

  • This great day was called Ragnarok, or sometimes the Twilight of the Gods.

    The Story of Sigurd the Volsung

  • Even so, at the twilight of the gods -- a doomsday event known as Ragnarok -- any human intervention would be useless.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • There's more of this kind of thing throughout Max Payne - like the big blowout that occurs in a club called Ragnarok [the Norse end of the world myth].


  • When you did the math, they were clearly spending more each month on the "free-to-play" games than they would have spent on more traditional titles such as Ragnarok or Lineage II.

    How will "free-to-play" business models affect the gaming landscape in the West?

  • "Ragnarok" of the Sagas described only approximately the doom of the devastated South.

    At the Mercy of Tiberius


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