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  • The following morning the people redirect the cart and continued with the Ratha-Yatra to finish pulling it to the Gundicha temple about two miles down the road from the main temple where the Deities stay for a week before returning to the temple in a similar parade. Recent Updates

  • The celebrated Ratha-Yatra festival is said to have started in the time of Svarochisha Manu, or the second manvantara period, and is predicted to continue until the end of the second half of Lord Brahma's lifetime. Recent Updates

  • The Skanda Purana also fixes the date of the Ratha-Yatra festival, which should be celebrated on the second day of the bright fortnight if the month of Ashadha, a day called Pushyami Nakshatra by astrological calculations. Recent Updates

  • Whenever the Jagannath Deities in Puri would be removed from the altar before the Ratha-Yatra festival for two weeks, Sri Caitanya would stay here. Recent Updates

  • One of the ways this happens is explained as follows: at the very end of one's life when the memories of his activities pass through the mind, when he remembers the amazing Ratha-Yatra festival his mind stops and focuses on that event. Recent Updates

  • I have been at Jagannath Puri to attend two Ratha-Yatra festivals, once in 1991, and another in 2001. Recent Updates

  • Caitanya-caritamrita that describe the pastimes Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu had during these Ratha-Yatra festivals 500 years ago. Recent Updates

  • In this way, the esoteric meaning of the Ratha-Yatra parade is that we pull the Lord back into our hearts and rekindle the loving relationship we have with Him. Recent Updates

  • This is why thousands of pilgrims come to Jagannath Puri every year for Ratha-Yatra. Recent Updates

  • To explain the internal meaning of Ratha-Yatra further, Lord Jagannath is the embodiment of Lord Krishna's love for Srimate Radharani. Recent Updates


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