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  • Variant of nocti-.


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  • More Brussels Beat: Plan to Recapitalize Banks Remains Thin on Details Politicians and central bankers have been increasingly outspoken in recent days on the possible need for a forcible recapitalization of Europe's banks to stop a market rout that has devastated share prices and frozen funding markets, leaving much of the continent's banking system dependent on central bank support.

    European Banking Body May Consider New Stress Tests

  • The financial markets and the Brussels press corps have been in hot pursuit this week of that elusive Pimpernel of the euro-zone debt and banking crisis: the European Plan to Recapitalize Banks.

    Plan to Recapitalize Banks Remains Thin on Details

  • Recapitalize the good ones, let the others fail. ''

    Tigers And Kittens

  • Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Recapitalize the banking system « - Blogs from

    Recapitalize the banking system

  • Washingon Mutual, etc. - actually are the ones following (at least partially) the Swedish style model: Restructure, Wipe Out Debt, Recapitalize, Relaunch as a new, clean firm.

    The Big Picture

  • Recapitalize the weakest banks OR * gasp* do what they are legally obligated to do and put them into receivership.

    Blogs navigation

  • Recapitalize, provide liquidity and separate good and bad assets in the good ones. News

  • Recapitalize the American financial institutions by shifting savings from foreign banks to native ones (i.e. $40,000 x 1 million = $40 billion). The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • Recapitalize the winners and force the losers to merge or close.


  • Recapitalize Banks: We've discussed this previously; Its the root of the credit freeze.

    Political Calculations


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