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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Microsoft.


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Redmond +‎ -ian, from Redmond, Washington, US, where Microsoft has its headquarters.


  • They're computer scientists by training and search engineers by trade, and with their European complaint - echoed stateside with an FCC filing - they've made a case that deserves a level of attention denied by Google's remarkably successful efforts to paint them as Redmondian sockpuppets.

    The Register

  • The two will also expand their search partnership beyond the US, providing Redmondian search tools to all Facebook users worldwide.

    The Register

  • Certainly, Google was using IE6 to quality-test its public services - the company must ensure that, say, its search engine works properly with the aging Redmondian browser - but that's hardly an adequate excuse.

    The Register

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that if Google offers the world a web service, large numbers of people will convince themselves that it's superior to anything else they can get their hands on - and less likely to condemn them to some sort of Redmondian future in which a single corporation has them in a metaphorical vice grip.

    The Register

  • At an event celebrating Microsoft's 25th anniversary, Steve Ballmer exhibits his Redmondian passion, earns the nickname Monkey Boy, and inspires an infinite number of YouTube remixes by running around and screaming.

    PC World

  • - In a move reminiscent of its "Get the Facts" anti-Linux campaign, Microsoft is waging war on VMware with a customer-focused Web site that provides the Redmondian spin on how its products stack up against the competition.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now


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