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  • adj. Relating to or influenced by the Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and his therapeutic methods.
  • n. A follower of Reich or his methods.


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Reich +‎ -ian


  • Mr. Greenberg's wife, Pat, calls her Reichian therapist -- the one who had always dismissed mental illness as a social myth -- and he tells the parents to take their child to the emergency room immediately.

    Farewell Peace of Mind

  • Yet there would come to be countless adherents less well known—professors, medical doctors, disgruntled seekers "burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo of night," in the famous formulation of Allen Ginsberg, who himself underwent Reichian therapy in 1948.

    Thinking Inside the Box

  • He was a Reichian, a follower of Wilhelm Reich, which was the most avant-garde of the schools of psychotherapy, almost a cult, and one which had many followers in the Village, including Toshka.

    We Remember - Rosetta Reitz, 1924 - 2008

  • And, in the Reichian parable, the only solution to this market failure is massive government intervention.

    What About BP's Victims?

  • The Eight Pieces for Four Timpani, for example, of which four were performed — "Saeta" and "Canaries" are both early (1949) experiments in simultaneous tempi and metric modulation, and, with their predominantly triplet -, eighth -, and dotted-eighth-note vocabulary, there are fleeting audible glimpses of Reichian phase-shifting.

    Magna Carter (7): Either/Or

  • There are quiet moments in the midst of the Reichian storm — as when a couple contemplate each other isolated on a small balcony to the right of the stage.

    Same Score, Different Ballets

  • One of the more surprising episodes of BITTERSWEET, for me, reveals that Strasberg's friendship with Noel Harrison and his family got her interested in Reichian therapy.

    After Reading Susan Strasberg

  • Obama's Reichian misunderstanding of basic economics should scare the bejezus out of people.

    What do we know about Barack Obama, the "community organizer"?

  • His two works of autobiography, ME AND THE ORGONE and TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH, are amazingly brave and candid works of self-exploration that encompass such matters as his experience in Reichian therapy, the founding of his school, an LSD trip, being stalked by a Satanic cult in Australia, and the failure of his second marriage following a visit to Sandstone a free sex community and later experimentation in open matrimony.

    Orson Bean's New Book

  • We've got to pull the rug out from under this 3rd Reichian propaganda machine.

    Will the Dem Congress Get Smart and Push Fox News to Swing Liberal?


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