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  • proper n. The diet of the Holy Roman Empire
  • proper n. The lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945

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  • n. The Diet, or House of Representatives, of the German empire (and of the Weimar Republic), which was composed of members elected for a term of three years by the direct vote of the people. This term is no longer (in 1997) applied to the German parliament. See also bundesrath.
  • n. The national representative body of Hungary, consisting of a House of Magnates (including archdukes, peers, high officials of the Roman Catholic, Greek, and Protestant Churches, and certain other dignitaries) and a House of Representatives (in 1912 consisting of 453 members). See Legislative, Diet.

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  • n. The chief deliberative body in certain countries of Europe.


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German imperial parliament


  • I got myself a bit lost and wound up looking at the Reichstag from a bit up the Spree River:


  • -- _Abtheilungen_, in German Reichstag, 226; in Prussian Landtag, 264.

    The Governments of Europe

  • In February 1933, terrorists committed an arson attack on the German parliament, a pivotal event in German history that became known as the Reichstag fire.


  • Finally, the conspiracy theories have scurried forth and reached the Swedish highest political assembly (known as Riksdagen, or as in German, Reichstag).

  • State of the Union address to his own "Reichstag" -- the Congress of the United States - on

    The Full Feed from

  • The only reason that English isn't your second language after German -- he only reason the Congress isn't called the Reichstag -- the only reason the president isn't called the Fuhrer (by sane people) -- is that the blood of more than one million Americans and the toil and sacrifice of millions more scrubbed the stain of Nazism from the face of the earth.

    Sound Politics: Pressure on Democrats Building

  • Thomas Gorman, an organizer of the NATO summit in Washington, on the diplomatic concerns that necessitated building a $70,000 conference table "Behind its monstrous dress, what we now have inside the Reichstag is a rather modest woman."


  • The burning of the Reichstag was to be the signal for a bloody insurrection and civil war ...

    Remebering February 27

  • The Reichstag was the popularly elected legislative body of Germany, equivalent to our House of Representatives.

    The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

  • The Reichstag is a kind of Upper and Lower House in one; the Bundesrath or Federal Council, with somewhat arbitrary powers, has its private Council-room; but the Chancellor of the Empire is its presiding officer, and, with the members of this Council, occupies the elevated platform at the right of the President of the

    In and Around Berlin


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