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  • "Rhology" Deletes My Comments at John Q. Doe's Boors All


  • Rhology, I think you need to stop casting your pearls to the swine, so to speak.

    Quote of the Day (Denis Diderot)

  • assume too much about me and what I believe, or think...but that's neither here nor there.

    Quote of the Day (Denis Diderot)

  • Some, like Rhology, want to make accepting the Bible as "authoritative" a prerequisite to being a serious Christian.

    Inigo Montoya Addresses Fundamentalists

  • I'll leave it to you to comment, or not, on this view. i guess the question is: Can a person honestly conclude after studying the Bible at a very high academic level that it is not "authoritative" in the sense that Rhology and - as I read him - Zwingli do?

    Inigo Montoya Addresses Fundamentalists

  • Rhology keeps accusing others of imposing an inappropriate approach on the Bible, while denying the accusation when it is levelled against him.

    Quote of the Day (Denis Diderot)

  • Rhology, I really wish you'd read what I write before commenting.

    Mythicists and Creationists

  • Rhology, while many of the verses you quote are meant guide people into right behavior, very few of them actually address the issue of rape.

    What Is Good?

  • I must investigate the Bible itself, and I would be happy to know how Rhology and other conservative Calvinists explain God having placed so many stumbling blocks in the Scripture that cause people who once believed in inerrancy to stop doing so.

    Quote of the Day (Denis Diderot)

  • Beyond all this is that too many of the "Christians" I have encountered in my life speak and act like Rhology.

    Without Fear And Trembling


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