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  • n. The period of or the movement for the liberation and political unification of Italy, beginning about 1750 and lasting until 1870.

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  • n. The political and military movement that led to the unification of Italy in the nineteenth century

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  • n. Same as Rinascimento.


Italian, from risorgere, to rise again, from Latin resurgere; see resurge.
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From Italian risorgimento, revival (Wiktionary)


  • He works as a double-agent during the Italian unification movement called Risorgimento in the mid-19th century, and he undermines the 1870 Paris Commune.

    Finding the Origin of the Vile

  • For Cavour, leader of the unity movement called the Risorgimento, the biggest stumbling block to achieving his political goal was the Catholic Church.


  • After the Congress of Vienna (1814-15), the impetus for nationalistic identity grew, in the form of the movement known as the Risorgimento, which ultimate led to unification.

    Note: Italy

  • Yugoslavs, the principles on which her own 'Risorgimento' was founded_, and on which she may still go forward to a greater future than she has ever seen in the past.

    Independent Bohemia An Account of the Czecho-Slovak Struggle for Liberty

  • The 150th anniversary of the "Risorgimento" has also received a lukewarm response from the Northern League, a key ally in Mr Berlusconi's beleaguered centre-Right coalition. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Renaissance is a good move regardless anything, but it could be "Risorgimento", or "Golden Age", or any other GUI that put somewhat buttons in a somewhat side of the screen.

    Planet Sun

  • It opens in 1860—when Garibaldi and his patriotic troops land in Sicily, and the Risorgimento that will ultimately produce a unified Italy begins in earnest.

    A Lyric, Elegiac Lament for a Lost World

  • Manzoni's advocacy of a united Italy made him a hero — some called him the saint — of the Risorgimento, the surge for Italian unification.

    The Great Italian Novel, a Love Story

  • She told the world about the Risorgimento through her newspaper dispatches, stopped the movement's leaders from arguing, and when Garibaldi was shot and wounded, it was White he wanted by his bedside, said author Paolo Ciampi, who has published the first full account of her years in Italy.

    Englishwoman is hailed as a heroine of Italy's unification struggle

  • Moved by the Italian's charms and determined to dedicate her life to the cause, White returned to London to organise conferences with the Italian exiles in the capital, including Mazzini, the politician who plotted the creation of the Italian state, who described her as the Joan of Arc of the Risorgimento.

    Englishwoman is hailed as a heroine of Italy's unification struggle


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