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  • n. Plural form of Romanian.


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  • And that also made the German minority stubborn about reflecting on their involvement with National Socialism, because the Romanians were also all at Stalingrad with Antonescu, and afterwards, after 1945, only the minorities were held responsible.

    Herta Müller - Interview

  • Many objected to the Belfast migrants being called Romanians, and others congratulated those who intimidated the immigrants into leaving Belfast.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • But it seems to me there are a number of important issues being addressed eg: 1. They are clearly Roma gypsies, not just 'Romanians' so if it is a racial issue, why is this not mentioned?


  • I hadn't been on Biased BBC for a while, but watching the BBC coverage of the 'Romanians' in Belfast made me come here because I knew I wasn't getting the full story.


  • But they call themselves Roma, and it's insane that the Beeboids - who normally go the extra mile to defer to the nomenclatura of all cultures - whitewash these people's heritage by calling them "Romanians".

    The audacity of distraction

  • I also like how the Mark Simpson presents this is as "Romanians" who were totally aware of Belfast's history of racism, and made some sort of educated decision about why and when they moved there. so they could move there.

    The audacity of distraction

  • He keeps calling them "Romanians" instead of "Roma", which is their ethnicity or race, if one is a racialist.

    The audacity of distraction

  • Is it because they think you're a racist and won't care so much if you know they're Roma and not "Romanians"?

    The audacity of distraction

  • To conflate gypsies with "Romanians" is like saying that the 7 July 2005 bombers were "Englishmen".

    Pikeys/Gypsies would stab you as soon as look at you.

  • After all, the appeal of Northern Ireland amongst "Romanians" is well known, but the racist bastard loyalists made it inhospitable for years.

    The audacity of distraction


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