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  • proper noun A female given name


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From the old Germanic words hros (“horse”) and mund (“protection”). By medieval folk etymology interpreted as Latin rosa munda (“rose of the world”) in reference to the Virgin Mary.


  • Beatrix’s daughter, Thea, comes to hold a special place in Rosamund’s affections when Beatrix turns up at her college lodgings one day, small child in tow, and asks Rosamund to babysit for a couple of weeks while she chases yet another man to Canada.

    The Rain Before It Falls « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Hearing Beatrix get ticked off (unjustly) one day, Rosamund is chilled by the tone of Ivy’s voice: ‘She didn’t raise it, not at all.

    The Rain Before It Falls « Tales from the Reading Room

  • No man, he felt sure, knew or ever could know how a mother like Rosamund, that is an intensely maternal mother, regarded her child when he was little and dependent on her; how she loved him, what he meant to her.

    In the Wilderness

  • "Wulf," called Rosamund from without the curtain, "cease talking of kissing at the top of your voice, I pray you, and leave Godwin to sleep, for he needs it."

    The Brethren

  • A few steps further northward, partly hidden from the road by intervening buildings, was the old house called Rosamund's Bower.

    Hammersmith, Fulham and Putney The Fascination of London

  • "Rosamund," he said, looking up into her face, which he held above his with both hands.

    Snow Angels

  • "Rosamund," the marchioness said, linking her arm through Rosamund's,

    Snow Angels

  • "Rosamund," he said, "I can't tell you how sorry I am about this afternoon."

    Snow Angels

  • "Rosamund," he breathed, and with a smile of content dropped peacefully asleep again.

    The Sunny Side

  • "Rosamund," he said, -- that stillness within him forbade any preparation, any "leading up," -- "I've joined the City Imperial Volunteers."

    In the Wilderness


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