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  • adj. Of or relating to the philosopher Rousseau (1712-1778).
  • n. A follower of Rousseau or his philosophies


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  • Hirshman postulates a kind of Rousseauian "general will" for women.


  • Sydney is meant to be a kind of Rousseauian noble savage, but the character is incoherently written.

    Cleveland Scene

  • Their answer to this problem is to “wind back the clock” to a Rousseauian state of nature that mirrors the era before humankind started the argicultural revolution and were hunter-gatherers.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Sensible Response to Terrorism

  • Sartre's posturing aside settled for erecting a citadel of Rousseauian romanticism on the supposed foundation of Maoism; they didn't repeat the historical tragedy that saw Rousseau's thinking about natural equality perverted by the French Revolution and the Terror.


  • His enthusiasm for the Rousseauian wisdom about the irrationality of women, and thus their inability to enter into contracts (the imaginary pact that Rousseau's individuals made with the state), is evident in his repeated appeals to his countrymen: 'Brothers, equal in every aspect, with the exception of those which virtue has rendered unequal, let us have no other despot other than the Law' (undated in Velios, 1998: 35).

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • (29 March 1887) 57There are no traces in Parren's description of Bouboulina of the Rousseauian judgement that the '... only ennobling role for women in the nation, besides being the complement of their husbands, was to suppress their personal feelings in order to teach their children the virtues of patriotism' (Kitromilides, 1983: 42).

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • We idealize their Native American rescuers as kindly, Rousseauian "noble savages," but the Wampanoag only saved the colonists because they needed allies for their power struggle against the neighboring Narragansett alliance.

    RJ Eskow: Phantom America, Thanks For Nothing!

  • They are not "inalienable," in a Jeffersonanian or Rousseauian sense.

    Tom Doctoroff: Human Rights in China: What Consumer Behavior Reveals

  • After the execution of the Hébertists (24 March 1794), Robespierre replaced the atheistic Cult of Reason with the Rousseauian and deistic Cult of the Supreme Being, celebrated at the Festival of the Supreme Being on the Champ de


  • A Rousseauian advocate of republican moral virtue and the general will, he came to be known as "the Incorruptible."



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