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  • A peninsula of western Asia between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally coterminous with Asian Turkey and is usually considered synonymous with Anatolia.


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  • First of all, any link that I created using the much more performant Html. RouteLink (instead of Html. ActionLink) just stopped working.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Html. RouteLink (Preview 3) = = Html. ActionLink (Preview 2)?

    ScottGu's Blog

  • Note: with this week's source drop you need to pass-in the controller and action parameters (in addition to the Category param) to the Html. RouteLink () helper to resolve the correct route URL to generate.

    ScottGu's Blog

  • The ASP. NET MVC Preview 3 drop in a few weeks will not require this, and allow you to use the Html. RouteLink call exactly as I've written it above to resolve the route.

    ScottGu's Blog

  • For example, we could use the Html. RouteLink view helper to indicate that we want to link to our "Products-Browse" route and pass it a "Food" category parameter using code in our view template like below:

    ScottGu's Blog

  • RouteLink allows you to generate the links based on a "named route" that you've explictly declared.

    ScottGu's Blog

  • That returns an anonymous type, which the Html. RouteLink helper method then uses to determine key / value pairs.

    ScottGu's Blog


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