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  • n. Member of a people living in the eastern Carpathian Mountains, in part of western Ukraine, south-eastern Poland and north-eastern Slovakia.
  • n. ethnonym for Ukrainian people
  • proper n. East Slavic language (Ukrainian dialect) spoken by Rusyns.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Rusyn people, culture, or language.


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From Rusyn русин (rúsyn), from Old East Slavic Русь (Rus’, "Rus"). Compare Ruthenia.


  • The local inhabitants are known as the Rusyn; Ruthenian is a Latinized version of the word.

    Robert Amsterdam

  • The eastern part of the Polish province of Galicia was also called "Rusyn" or "Ruthenia' a Latinized form in former times. RUSYN/RUTHENIAN.

  • "Mykhal Strenk" in Rusyn, Slovak: Michal Strenk -- was born in 1919 in

    A History Lesson on Slovakia

  • Jarabina, a small Rusyn-inhabited village in Czechoslovakia.

    A History Lesson on Slovakia

  • Click over to Megan's Roots World for telltale signs of Rusyn roots, including: you have weird family traditions, including dressing up and going from door to door at Christmas time scaring the kids -- or throwing water on the girls at Easter your idea of dancing strongly resembles wrestling, skipping or a combination of both

    Is Your Family Rusyn, or Just Strange?

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    Is Your Family Rusyn, or Just Strange?

  • Here's another one a new language in between Belarusan, Polish and Rusyn. RUSYN/RUTHENIAN.

  • Rusyn is also spoken in a few scattered communities in northeastern Hungary and among emigrants from Carpathian Rus' who settled in the *Vojvodina and Srem regions of present-day Yugoslavia and far eastern Croatia and in the United States and Canada... RUSYN/RUTHENIAN.

  • I particularly am very interested in Platttuutsch and Rusyn. LAGOMDUKTIG.

  • Together, the mayor, the priest and a Rusyn activist who is dedicated to preserving his people's heritage set out to lobby Parliament to build a large spiritual center in Osadné to breathe new life into the dying village.

    Local News from The Dispatch | Lexington, NC


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