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  • proper n. A surname of Swedish origin, derived from ryd, woodland clearing + berg, mountain
  • proper n. Johannes Rydberg, Swedish physicist.
  • proper n. A lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon


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  • These giant atoms, called Rydberg atoms, can form molecules that are over a thousand times larger than everyday molecules.

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  • To help fix this, a group of researchers are pursuing the use of well-known quantum states, called Rydberg states, using atoms in a solid.

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  • For hydrogen, the wavelengths λ are given by the empirical formula where m and n are positive integers with n > m and R ∞, known as the Rydberg constant, has the value 1.097373177 × 107 per meter.


  • The researchers from the University of Stuttgart and the University of Oklahoma told the BBC the so-called Rydberg molecule was theorized to form when one of its two atoms has an electron orbiting at an extreme distance from the atom's nucleus.

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  • A rare "Rydberg" molecule discovered by scientists from the University of Stuttgart and University of Oklahoma upheld scientific theory predicting the molecule existed.

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  • You'll see people playing backgammon, and also taste some of our classics, like Beef Rydberg, tenderloin in red wine sauce.

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  • Kim Rydberg , a 33-year-old from Katrineholm, two hours' drive southwest of Stockholm, owns a 1969 Dodge Dart.

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  • K and R are the Boltzmann and Rydberg constants, from nuclear physics.

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  • Planck or Rydberg from a high school science textbook and one is very likely to have the name of a famous scientist!

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  • Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr. Kleppner's work in atomic physics includes the development of the hydrogen maser, a device that produces electromagnetic waves, as well as the physics of Rydberg atoms, which are atoms with very excited outer electrons.

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