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  • abbr. Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

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  • n. commanding officer of ACE; NATO's senior military commander in Europe


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  • The man called SACEUR -- Supreme Allied Commander in Europe -- brings a lot of personal history to the war he launched last week.

    The Man For The Moment

  • MR. MCCURRY: It's my understanding from Pentagon officials who were also with Secretary of Defense Perry this weekend they are in the final stages of planning what is called the SACEUR plan, the plan that General Joulwan would submit to the North Atlantic Council for ratification as early as Wednesday.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • The Americans appoint the top military figure (known as the SACEUR - supreme allied commander Europe) and the Europeans, to counterbalance, appoint the senior civilian figure, the secretary general.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • The only one of his senior officials who I have actually met is the incoming National Security Adviser, Jim Jones, who I went to see once at SHAPE in Mons when he was SACEUR (sorry for the mystifying abbreviations but spelling them out in full is tedious).

    Last night's events

  • Unless you have a hitch as SACEUR, or SHAEF, you have your own world to keep in order, whilst the higher-ups worried about the "747 view".

    In response to those who complain about political bickering...

  • Eisenhower, though, was SACEUR until May 30, 1952, by which time his supporters had already been running a campaign for him in the Republican primaries for several months.

    Matthew Yglesias » Blizzard Boredom Leads to Increase in Petraeus/POTUS Speculation

  • Is an intelligent man and has proven himself as a skilled commander of both SOUTHCOM and as Supreme Allied Commander-Europe (SACEUR).

    Jeremy White: Obama Lacks a Suitable Replacement for McChrystal

  • Jones was previously appointed to the NATO post of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Commander of the US European Command (COMUSEUCOM) under the Bush administration.

    Obama: Regime Rotation

  • Perhaps it is from his experience in being responsible for running a large, and the only American (outside of Medicare), program for single payer, universal healthcare as SACEUR.

    Obama: "The Time Has Come For Universal Health Care In America"

  • Popular German politicians are now calling for the immediate removal of General Craddock from his post as SACEUR.

    Michael Carmichael: Craddock Scandal Rocks NATO


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