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  • Special Drawing Right
  • single data rate
  • single data rate computer RAM
  • system of distinct representatives


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  • The SDR is set up as a legal company and unless proven otherwise we have the right to trade as we think fit.

    The Great Snailbeach Railway Mystery

  • Similarly, in 1970 the IMF created a new monetary unit called the SDR, or "Special Drawing Right."


  • Including the Chinese yuan in the basket of currencies that makes up the SDR is a reform that is being considered, although this was not specifically referenced in the Brics countries' statement.

    Brics Seek Greater Supervision of Commodity Markets, Capital Flows

  • The SDR is a synthetic currency composed of four major currencies, the euro, the U.S. dollar, the pound, and the yen.

    China, France to Launch Yuan SDR Task Force

  • The SDR is a virtual currency whose value is set by a currency "basket" made up of the U.S. dollar, the European euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen, all of which qualify as reserve currencies, with the greenback being the leader.

    Dilip Hiro: Defying the Economic Odds

  • The approach favored by China's Mr. Zhou is to rely more heavily on something called the SDR, a "special drawing right" created by the International Monetary Fund.

    Inevitable End to Dollar's Reserve Role?

  • The SDR is a synthetic currency, comprised of a basket of the dollar, euro, yen and the pound, and contributed to central-bank reserves.

    Inevitable End to Dollar's Reserve Role?

  • The SDR is a biennial, longitudinal panel survey that collects data on demographic and general employment characteristics of individuals who have received a doctorate in a science, engineering, or health field from a U.S. academic institution.

    Characteristics of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers in the US: 2003 « ResourceShelf

  • The current shift of MEK operatives were similarly placed at strategic points around the block, the idea being that if Überhof made a move, he was likely going to engage in a maneuver known as an SDR—surveillance detection route.

    State of the Union

  • In addition to trying to secure a deal on guidelines for economic imbalances, G20 members were also considering expansion of the IMF's accounting unit known as the SDR, or Special Drawing Rights, to include more currencies.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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