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  • from French: Sequentiel Couleur avec Mémoire, meaning “sequential color with memory”, a TV standard.


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  • The French use a system called SECAM which is arguably better still.

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  • The Catholic bishops 'symposium, known as SECAM, said countries such as Kenya, Uganda,

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  • Wireless playback on a NTSC, Pal and SECAM TV set from any multimedia sources, such as iPod, digital camcorder, digital camera, PMP, etc

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  • The film was given a DVD release in Italy, which would certainly have yielded a much superior picture to the French SECAM crap I watched, but it would also have stuck me with Italian dubbed audio; at least on the tape, the original dialogue recording was intact.

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  • Well, everyone able to play PAL or SECAM tapes, anyway.

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  • Thanks to eBay, I've been able to obtain ancient VHS PAL and SECAM pre-records of Joy Fleury's Tristesse et Beauté ("Sadness and Beauty," 1985) and Robert Van Ackeren's Die Venusfalle ("The Venus Trap," 1988), both featuring Roussel, neither of which was ever exported to America.

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  • All of Europe uses the PAL or SECAM system and their descendant HDTV versions, and all of them use either 50 interlaced fields per second or 25 progressive frames per second.

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  • There are no plans to go PAL or SECAM any time soon.

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  • (Europe adopted different standards, PAL/SECAM, but never mind that for now.)

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  • Old French tapes are usually the bottom-of-the-barrel, quality-wise, due to the inferior SECAM system, but I must say that this was an exception, the equal of some of the best PAL tapes I've seen.

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