from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A standardized markup language for describing the logical structure of a computer document.

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  • n. Standard Generalized Markup Language

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  • n. (computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents; a set of rules for using whatever markup vocabulary is adopted


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

S(tandard) G(eneralized) M(arkup) L(anguage).


  • Next, the staff of Emory's Beck Center proofread and marked-up the issues in SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) to make the articles searchable.

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  • Tell somebody that XML is just a language for defining other languagesderived from SGML, which is also a language for defining languages and watch their eyes glaze over.

    The Challenge of Technology - Anil Dash

  • There is another standard called SGML, which stands for the Standard Generalized Markup Language.

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  • The document structure is written in a Document Type Definition (DTD) sometimes also referred to as SGML application.

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  • Currently, OASIS (formerly known as SGML Open) is working to bring together competitors and industry standards groups with conflicting perspectives to discuss using XML as a common Web language that can be shared across applications and platforms.

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  • Using the assertion reconstructs the idea of SGML exclusion exceptions, which allows the content models to state the broad case simply, and then to note any particular variants which are exceptions to the rule.

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  • Thus this pattern is quite well suited to traversing some sort of structure object, such as SGML for example.

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  • Well, maybe I’m wrong, but HTML is a form of SGML which is designed for both human and machine readability, no?

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  • Paula mentioned Wright-Pat AFB; I was last there a couple of decades ago working on standards committees for information handling, and we were mainly using SGML and some vector graphics system I've since forgotten.

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  • The librarians chose to use three different metadata standards: Dublin Core for HTML searching; MARC for UMW's catalog and the catalogs of the partner libraries in Senegal; and Text Encoding Initiative headers for XML/SGML searching, which will also allow people to search for Arabic texts in Arabic instead of trying to transliterate.

    Creating, Managing & Pres. Dig. Assets: African Online Digital Library


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