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  • An island of São Tomé and Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea off western Africa. The city of São Tomé, the capital of the country, is on the southeast coast. Its population is 54,300.


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  • · Catch SIGHUP and SIGTERM signals for proper termination of the Mathomatic program.

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  • If you need to background a process and then "hangup" prefix your command with SIGHUP and it should stay alive when you disconnect.

  • And it disables SIGHUP signal to my script process.

  • SIGHUP to the media server process (in my case it's mediatomb) which will trigger them to re-scan their media directory so they notice when there's new content to serve.

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  • Reload settings. json when receiving SIGHUP transmission-remote now allows per-torrent speed limits to be set Mixed RSS Feed

  • For example an ssl enabled web server such as apache that uses php, curl and openssl leaks memory if a SIGHUP signal was sent to apache. - Security Advisories

  • · Command-line interface (using the ` birdc 'client; to get some help, just press `?') · Soft reconfiguration -- no online commands for changing the configuration in very limited ways, just edit the configuration file and issue a ` configure 'command or send SIGHUP and BIRD will start using the new configuration, possibly restarting protocols affected by the configuration changes

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  • Since the Dock is the parent process for Dashboard, killing the Dock process normally kills the Dashboard too (with signal SIGINT or SIGHUP).

  • You cannot 'stop', 'print' or 'nopass' signals like SIGUSR1 or SIGHUP to the process being debugged.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • After the time limit is exceeded a SIGHUP will be sent to the controller to cause the children to restart.

    Planet Twisted


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