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  • Since it has two Int units for each core and one shared FP, if the FP is double width, could there be some kind of SIMD functions for 'legacy' FP where it simulates 2

    The Inquirer

  • Apple took over half of ARM and added their SIMD technology, similar to what the PPC G4 had among other things.

    Apple Rehires a Developer of Its Newton Tablet - Bits Blog -

  • According to Patriot, multiple Ignites can work together within the company's InFlame architecture to create a multi-SIMD processor.

    The 271 Patent Blog

  • AMD's interest in the Ignite technology is also interesting because Ignite is a Risc-like 32-bit processor core with a strong SIMD component.

    The 271 Patent Blog

  • These instructions are grouped into five areas: floating point to integer conversions, complex arithmetic, video encoding, SIMD floating point using AOS format and thread synchronization.

    Intel launches Pentium 4

  • There's also a multiply pipe for complex integer operations, a floating-point NEON pipe for floating-point and SIMD ops, and a Load/Store pipe for memory ops.

    Wired Top Stories

  • Dual ARM Cortex™ A9 cores at 1.1 GHz frequencies that incorporate the ARM Neon™ 128-bit SIMD single instruction, multiple data engine, which is vitally important for delivering flexible, powerful acceleration and low power operation for consumer multimedia applications such as Adobe® Flash®.

  • If you time it, the SIMD version actually is about three or four times faster.

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  • SIMD stands for "single instruction, multiple data", and the commands do just that -- with a single instruction, the CPU processes multiple pieces of data.

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  • However, if you have a SIMD instruction for multiple-add, you can replace it all with a single instruction like this:

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