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  • It wasn't the IOC, it was the SLOC (Salt Lake Olympic Committee).

    Election Central Morning Roundup

  • It also has the longest coastline in Africa near a major SLOC, or sea line of communication.

    Hot Spots: Somalia

  • : SLOC officials say Geesink got a $5,000 donation to buy a vehicle for a foundation he runs.

    No More Fun And Games

  • Sergio Santander Fantini, Chile: Ex-SLOC chief said he donated $10,000 to Fantini's 1993 Santiago mayoral campaign.

    No More Fun And Games

  • Bashir Mohamed Attarabulsi, Libya: SLOC officials allegedly paid his son's tuition at several Utah colleges, as well as a $700 stipend.

    No More Fun And Games

  • Agustin C. Arroyo, Ecuador: His stepdaughter allegedly got tuition money from the SLOC.

    No More Fun And Games

  • Pin collecting has become the top spectators 'sport at recent Olympics, and buyers from as far away as Atlanta are vying for the new pin, one of 300 designs the SLOC will offer.

    Pin 'Em On

  • Measuring the importance of an open source project can be done by many measures, such as the number of people on the user and developers mailing lists, number of downloads, number of source lines of code wp:SLOC, number of independent development locations, and rankings on, for example, SourceForge or Google.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Wow, I can tell you right now that Grady's ball-park estimate of $100/SLOC clearly does not apply to all projects.

    Leaky Faucets

  • Four hundred forty-five feet long, with a full-load displacement of 3,650 tons, Perry-class frigates had originally been designed as merchant escorts charged with defending America's sea lines of communication, or SLOC.



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