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  • Initialism of Structured Query Language.
  • Initialism of standard quantum limit.


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  • SQL, SQL Express, SQLCE, or %SQL% is not always the solution when you need to store data.

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  • My local SQL server is located on (local) \SQL, change this to your SQL Server, including the authentication settings.

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  • And, hey, it delivers from time to time the most awfull, inefficient SQl you've ever seen, and now you have two problems: find out how you can get that framework to write efficient SQL and finding out which SQL is efficient. what's new online!

  • With sql, this typically uses words like 'GET', 'PUT' or 'SAVE' in a variety of SQL is perfectly happy to oblige, even though the results are difficult to understand.

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  • [InvoiceNbr], [OrderNbr] ORDER BY [InvoiceNbr], [OrderNbr] 'print @SQL -- for debugging purposes execute (@Sql) - the code should work in SQL Server 2000 and IMHO, it's easy enough to understand and adapt.

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  • You do not need to import this package; it is always imported. • java. net provides network services. • java. sql provides access to SQL databases through an interface simi - lar to ODBC. • java. util provides utility classes such as Vector,

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  • Do I really need create a sql Database instead of MDF which is inside App_Data on the SQL server??

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  • Select @SQL = 'Exec xp_instance_regread N''HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' ', N''SOFTWARE\Microsoft\\Microsoft SQL Server\' + Folder +

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  • SP3 doesn't appear in Add / Remove Programs and the uninstaller doesn't appear in the Windows folder. do you have to use sql 2005 version sql express? or can you try sql 2008 version instead? most sql 2k5 apps i work with seem fine on 2k8 so far Some analysis done by the SQL team has shown that even though you get an error about certain MSXML files not being updated, this error does not actually interfere with the installation of SQL Express; you can continue on in the installation and SQL Express will ultimately install successfully.

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  • Monitoring group of Linked Sql Servers from a Sql Server Monitoring group of Linked Sql Servers from a Sql Server C++ (VC6, VC7), SQL, Windows (Win2K, WinXP, Win2003), SQL Server (SQL 2000), MySQL, CEO,

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