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  • abbr. Social Security Number

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  • Social Security Number
  • Sub Surface Nuclear - nuclear powered attack submarine


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  • With millions of people hitting double-click. com ads, I really doubt that those people are over there saying, "hey look at this guy, he visits all these sites, and he lives at 123 main street, and his SSN is xxx-xx-xxxx, and he's got $x dollars in the bank, let's steal his identity and buy a candy bar!"

    BetterPrivacy Prevents Tracking By Flash, Other “Super-Cookies” | Lifehacker Australia

  • Are you the Paul M. Donnelly who was born in March of 1951, who currently lives at 352 Norman Circle, Smyrna, DE, and whose SSN is 079-40-XXXX?

    Matthew Yglesias » Feel the Kausmentum

  • If the real name/SSN is standard for a talk show (but not a news show), then very few sex workers are going to do talk shows!

    Sheriff sues Craigslist as ‘largest source’ of prostitution « Bound, Not Gagged

  • Checking the legal work eligibility of someone should be easy: verify, through SSA (toll-free number or other such system), that SSN is OK; that photo ID is real (national database already exists — ICE uses it); and that SSN is not already being used multiple times or in different name.

    Matthew Yglesias » Enforcement

  • IIRC, the SSN is on the CA death certificates - all someone has to do is watch the obituaries, check the SSN, get a death cert for $12 each, and he is in business.

    They Smell a Pulitzer

  • Your SSN is your unique nine-digit number issued to you by the government so you can pay taxes and pay into the Social Security system. - Home Page RSS

  • SSN, which is a charitable company, will produce the factual analysis on the ways and the degree to which ordinary UK citizens are put under surveillance.

    The Register

  • I don't think it has anything on SSN, which is just brilliant!

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News

  • Because NYLS does not use a separate financial aid application --- just the FAFSA --- the SSN is the only way that we can access your Student Aid Report and know that you are applying for financial aid.


  • I believe the SSN is a national test of a national identification card or system because it is not used for identification.

    Cato @ Liberty


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