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  • abbreviation supersonic transport

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  • noun aviation Initialism of Supersonic Transport.
  • noun computing Initialism of Shiva Smart Tunneling.


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  • My Remington 700 ADL 30-06, the 150 grain SST is set just above the cannelure (shorter than recommended OAL) and its shooting dime size groups.

    An Unequal Progress in Accuracy

  • Exactly what constituted “service” in SST is a subject of heated debate even among RAH’s most ardent admirers, myself included.

    » What is fascism? heinleinblog

  • I recently loaded Hornady 139-grain SST bullets in my 7x57 Mauser and in my 7x57 AI.

    Bullets Do Odd Things at Different Ranges

  • So finally I fired about 10 rounds of Hornady 117-grain SST Light Magnum .257 factory loads through the Remington and chronographed each shot.

    Do Chronographs Lie?

  • I recently loaded Hornady 139-grain SST bullets in my 7x57 Mauser and in my 7x57 AI.

    Bullets Do Odd Things at Different Ranges

  • Now using Military cases is like adding 1.5 grains of powder. 30-06 Hornady 150 grain SST, 53 grains of IMR4064. 22 inch barrel 3080fps and 24 inch barrel 3150. 25-06Hornady Third Edition shows 25-06 117 grain 50.3 grains at 3000fpsMy old ragged Hornady old as the hills shows 53.9 3100fps.

    Lazz Loads: The Short Magnums

  • I gave polite constructive criticism, however, regarding the velocity performance of the 257 Roberts LM load (a 117-grain SST at 2940 fps) and the 280 LM load (unimpressive), and politely pointed out that any reasonably skilled handloader can safely get a 257 Roberts to shoot a 100-grain spitzer at 3200 fps (or higher), and compared the 257 Roberts LM load to Hornady's 6MM LM load (100-grain bullet at 3250 fps).

    Our Most Underrated Cartridge?

  • I also suggested that Hornady's 7x57 LM load (139-grain SST at 2830 fps) could be safely improved to 2900-2950 fps (or higher) with the same 139-grain bullet in a 24 barrel, and pointed out that a number of modern day handloading manuals do just that.

    Our Most Underrated Cartridge?

  • That Hornady 117 grain SST my 8 year old Grandson really made an impression on everyone from the field to the check in station to the game processing shop.

    Meditations on the Whitetail Deer

  • He was using my 30-06 700ADL 22 inch barrel (cough, gag!) using Hornady 150 grain SST loaded just over 3050 fps and dropped a nice 5 point buck with one shot.

    Meditations on the Whitetail Deer


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