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  • noun A genus of fan-palms of the tribe Corypheæ, including several palmettos.

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  • noun (Bot.) A genus of palm trees including the palmetto of the Southern United States.

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  • noun American dwarf fan palms


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  • Dispersed in the grasslands are trees of Crecentia cujete, Ceiba pentandra, Lecythis minor, Ochroma pyramidale, Prosopis juliflora, Cavanillesia platanifolia and palms trees of Sabal mauritiiformis, Acrocomia aculeate, Attalea butyracea and several Bactris spp.

    Sinú Valley dry forests

  • Tolerant of salt spray, dry sandy soils, or saturated conditions, cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) are uniquely adapted to the coastal environment.

    Ecoregions of North Carolina and South Carolina (EPA)

  • The maritime forests include live oak, laurel oak, loblolly pine, red cedar, yaupon holly, wax myrtle, dwarf palmetto, with cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto) in the south.

    Ecoregions of North Carolina and South Carolina (EPA)

  • Other common tree species include cedar Cedrela angustifolia, Vitex guameri, Aspidosperma megalocarpon, Guarea exelsa, Calophyllum brasiliense, the palm Sabal mayarum, Bursera simaruba, Protium copal and Acacia farnesiana.

    Tikal National Park, Guatemala

  • The rich vegetation includes; species of savanna such as nance Byrsonima crassifolia; high altitude forest with chicle Manilkara zapota, 'ramon' or bread-nut tree Brosimum alicastrum, West Indian mahogany Swietenia macrophylla (E), cedar Cedrela odorata, palma de botan (palm) Sabal morrisiana and palma de escobo Chrysophyllum argentearum, 'tinto' lowland forest with Hematoxylum campechianum; wetlands with tule Typha sp. around water bodies.

    Tikal National Park, Guatemala

  • Ficus spp. and Plumeria spp., and palms Thrinax spp. and Sabal spp ..

    Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

  • Perhaps the most striking endemic along the lower Rio Grande is the palma de Micharos (Sabal texana), which was once common along resacas in the floodplain and held a dominant position over mesquite under certain conditions.

    Tamaulipan mezquital

  • Red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), and black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) are the key species in the community, and they are associated with Dalbergia brownii scrubs as well as with other hydrophyllic communities formed by Acoelloraphe wrightii or Sabal mexicana palm trees.

    Usumacinta mangroves

  • Notable are Tabebuia angustata (roble de yugo), Fraxinus cubensis (búfano), Annona glabra, Gueltarda combiri, Sabal parviflora, Bucida palustris, Hibiscus elatus, H. tiliaceus (majagua), Jatropha integerrima, Copernicia spp.

    Cuban wetlands

  • Endemic trees include: Bermuda cedar (Juniperus bermudiana), Bermuda palmetto (Sabal bermudana), and Bermuda olivewood (Elaeodendron laneanum).

    Bermuda subtropical conifer forests


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