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  • n. A derogatory name for a negro.
  • n. A person of 3/4 African descent and 1/4 Caucasian descent.
  • proper n. A nickname of the given name Samuel.
  • proper n. A nickname of the given name Samantha.


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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the given names Samuel or Samantha.


  • Then he stooped down to the boys, and shook his fist in their faces, "You little debils, you call Sambo, I pound you to squash."

    The Young Buglers

  • "What you larf for, what you larf for, you little rascals, you play trick, eh? you call Sambo, who taught you dat name?" and he seized the two boys and shook them furiously.

    The Young Buglers

  • The book was popular until the word Sambo became identified as racially derogatory.

  • And how dared the insolent dogs address a colonel as "Sambo" - and one of 'em with a pipe stuck between his grinning teeth?

    Flashman In The Great Game

  • 'Sambo' -- for such is the Soudanese equivalent of 'Tommy' -- was a lazy, fierce, disreputable child.

    The River War An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan

  • As you knwo I usually don't agree with your use of th word Sambo, but I have come to realize that it's a reaction to th fact that most black men don't deserve to live til the end.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • There used to be a chain of pancake restaurants in the Midwest called Sambo's, but that was back in the mid-70s, when you could actually have a menu with a picture of a black kid with huge red lips eating "one hundred and sixty-nine pancakes."


  • Southern Negro called Sambo, and upon the suggestion of Ikey he is engaged as porter.

    Over the Top

  • She interested Mrs. Blenkinsop by evincing the deepest sympathy in the raspberry-jam preserving, which operation was then going on in the Housekeeper’s room; she persisted in calling Sambo “Sir, ” and “Mr.

    IV. The Green Silk Purse

  • Stone wall can't call Sambo all by self, Sam's going out of mind.

    The Young Buglers


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