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  • n. The basic metrical (mantra) text of a Veda.
  • n. One of a collection of post-Vedic texts.


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Sanskrit saṃhita joined, collected.


  • Written about in an Ayurvedic text called the Charaka Samhita, this technique is helpful in healing many conditions, including asthma, headaches, aches and pains, and diabetes.

    Making Room for Mr. Right

  • The first mention of the plant is in the Charaka Samhita, the revered ancient text on Ayurveda, dating from the first century A.D., where brahmi is prescribed as a cure for mental retardation leading to psychosis.


  • If you want to help the smaller guys, websites of non-profit organizations like Mumbai-based GiveIndia and Samhita , and Delhi-based Charities Aid Foundation India , provide a range of options of charities that work in various fields.

    This Diwali, Stop Hesitating and Donate

  • GiveIndia and Samhita also take care of a common question donors have: "Hey I gave the money – whatever happened to it?" says Priya Naik, chief executive officer at Samhita.

    This Diwali, Stop Hesitating and Donate

  • All these aggregators -- GiveIndia, Samhita and Charities Aid Foundation India -- do some basic due diligence into the legitimacy of the non-profits listed on their sites, primarily by assessing their financial and legal documents.

    This Diwali, Stop Hesitating and Donate

  •, launched in 2010, follows a model similar to GiveIndia and currently has around 100 non-profits on its website.

    This Diwali, Stop Hesitating and Donate

  • The Gheranda Samhita, another classical Sanskrit text in the form of a dialogue between a legendary sage and an aspiring student, hints at a more practical approach.

    American Yoga Association Beginner’s Manual Fully Revised and Updated

  • Pope to recieve potentially 5 millions condoms in the mail. by Samhita, at Feministing

    feminist blogs in english » 2009 » March

  • UPDATE: Both Samhita and I have noticed that the conversation has drifted a bit from hip hop.

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  • The note that Samhita just slipped to me across the table says it all:

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