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  • proper n. Any of a group of languages spoken in the Urals that, along with Finno-Ugric, make up the Uralic language group.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to these languages.

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  • Of or pertaining to the Samoyeds.

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  • n. the Uralic languages spoken by the Samoyed in northwestern Siberia


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  • Of course, these nomadic peoples dont even all speak Russian! they have their own native tongues and now even the Russian peoples call them by their different tribes, rather than "Samoyedic", but the dog name stuck!!

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  • :) Here you go: apparently, "Samoyed" as a dog name came up b / c the various nomadic & reindeer herding peoples of Russia were / are 'Samoyedic' peoples and they were the "samoyed dogs".

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  • For those who buy into Nostratic or Indo-Uralic there's a possible cognate in Uralic, *t, which is used to form participles and infinitives in Finnic, Saami, Ob-Ugrian, and Samoyedic.

    The PIE *to-participle in my subjective-objective model

  • Note that Juha Janhunen would reconstruct these a little differently based on his intriguing comparisons with Samoyedic and quite frankly I prefer his system.

    Proto-Uralic flora

  • *ŋ is indeed indirectly deduced here, as aside from *ŋk it is directly supported only by Ugric and Samoyedic data AFAIK.

    Update of my "Diachrony of Pre-IE" document


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