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  • (Some such insight, it seems to me, lies behind the binary emphasis of Saussurean linguistics as well as the poststructuralist claim that language cannot refer to anything outside itself.)

    Kafka and the Coincidence of Opposites

  • Everybody (including yours truly) was completely clueless about the subject and when the Professor said "Okay, who wants to present on Saussurean Linguistics next week?" we were like "Hoh?".

    natinski Diary Entry

  • This invokes the ever popular Saussurean sign, which had two parts: "sign / signifier" leaving ambiguous what the "signifier" is.


  • Playing loose with Saussurean linguistics, the artist selects signifiers without concrete signifieds, which explains why he prefers verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to nouns.

  • Rewriting the Saussurean model for a design perspective would look like this: S - signifier, the expression, The FORM, the aesthetics, Objective - outer world s - signified, the content, The CONCEPT, what it stands for, Subjective - innerworld The signifier is the physical form of an object; what we see, touch and smell in the objective and shared reality.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Linguistic structures are pairings of meaning and form; such pairings are known as [[Ferdinand de Saussure | Saussurean]] [[linguistic sign | signs]].

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • The blackmailing results in Ximena's loss of income, job, and her sense of value - to get all Saussurean on your ass -

    Brit Lit Blogs

  • Saussure’s most characteristic ideas have British or American sources, including the most distinctively Saussurean idea of all: In a language there are only differences without positive terms.

    Saussure's ambivalent involvement with Sanskrit

  • (whether it's on the level of the Saussurean sign or just the sheer physicality of human contact, as was the point of the whole tug-of-war drama between the two dancers).


  • [quote = NeilCohn] This invokes the ever popular Saussurean sign, which had two parts:



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