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  • Principle communities include tussock grasslands of Stipa spp. and xerophytic cushion grasses of Poa spp. interspersed with bushes of Schinus magellanicus and Condalia microphilia, among other species.

    Península Valdés, Argentina

  • The most significant category is of species such as Brazilian Pepper tree Schinus terebithifolius that are widespread in the Park or southern Florida that invade undisturbed native plant communities.

    Everglades National Park, United States

  • These species of Anarthrophyllum, Berberis, Schinus, and Verbena can grow up to 3 meters tall.

    Patagonian steppe

  • In this ecoregion we find two endemic species of the genus Prosopis, one species of Larrea and species of the genera Lycium and Schinus.

    Patagonian steppe

  • When abandoned, rather than returning to native assemblages, these areas are invaded by exotics such as Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius).


  • Other reasons for habitat loss include conversion to agriculture through the use of rock plows to break up the limestone for planting, fire suppression, and introduction of exotic species such as Brazilian pepper (Schinus).

    South Florida rocklands

  • Other plants are Jodina rhombifolia, Loxopterygium brachypterum, Pentapanax angelicifolius, Schinopsis lorentzii, and Schinus dependens.

    Humid Pampas

  • The valleys along streams support plant communities that are composed of trees Prosopis chilensis, P. tamarugo, Salix humboldtiana, Schinus aareira, Acacia macrantha and Caesalpinia tinctoria and other shrubby and herbaceous plants.

    Atacama desert

  • Mimosoideae leguminosae of the genera Prosopis and Acacia are generally predominant, accompanied by other "chaco type" genera such as Jodina, Celtis, Schinus, Geoffroea, Atamisquea, and others.

    Argentine Espinal

  • Common genera in the region include Adesmia, Anarthrophyllum Berberis, Chuquiraga, Lycium, Mulinum, Schinus and Verbena.

    Patagonian grasslands


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