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  • adverb In an Scottish way; in a manner characteristic of the Scottish people.


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Scottish +‎ -ly


  • Yes I know it was all fiction, what I struggle with maybe Scottishly is what I'm supposed to celebrate about the fiction the film displays.

    The History Boys

  • The congregation swayed slowly down the aisle, Scottishly cold and still, like the processional of the ice in the spring-time.

    St. Cuthbert's

  • "Aye, mon; through an agent," Donald burred Scottishly.

    Kindred of the Dust

  • Now I must conclude with a livelier piece of intelligence: I am now in receipt of the wished-for invitation to visit the ALLBUTT-INNETT family at the elegant mansion (or -- to speak Scottishly -- "manse") they have hired for a few weeks in the savage and romantic mountains of Ayrshire,

    Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.

  • To my mind, she was worth twenty of her, though she was wrinkled and Scottishly sententious.

    Robert Falconer

  • I'd been excited about this one for a while now, being into both very loud bands and Scottishly-accented bands.


  • She dragged Aunt Sharon through the whole National Museum, past all kinds of science and history, soda in her hand, yelling Scottishly until she found some old stone

    Television Without Pity

  • dwarf as in small or dwarf as in long-bearded, ale loving, axe-swinging, Scottishly accentuated, sturdy/stocky, money grabbin' etc.

    Reviews of fantasy and science fiction books

  • Paws4Thot has a Scottishly aksent – hims awn wun ob teh lidl iylands (butt(!

    Wait a minit! Dis not da basement. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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